Core Transformation
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“My sole literary ambition is to write one good novel, then retire to my hut in the desert, assume the lotus position, compose my mind and senses, and sink into meditation, contemplating my novel”

- Edward Abbey

A Two Day Workshop
Core Transformation

Cross the River of Change to meet a New Destiny  “To change is to think greater than how you feel”

-Dr Joe Dispenza

Our thoughts create our reality. How we think and how we feel shapes our destiny. This is a widely acknowledged fact. However, the real stumbling block many people face is how to change our thoughts and feelings in a seemingly busy and chaotic world ? The workshop intends to address the following questions :


Why is change so difficult ?

What is limiting us from creating a life of our deepest desires ?

How to align our thoughts and feelings to create a new future ?

How to create changes in the physical body to restore health ?


This in-depth program is your opportunity to :

  • Learn the Science of “Change”

  • Understand the stumbling blocks for personal growth, health, success and evolution

  • Heal illnesses, relationships, negative patterns, limiting emotions.

  • Undergo the process of change to discover a New Self and Create a New Future.


Learn and apply easy-to-use techniques to :

  • Discover the qualities of your Old Self and how to overcome them.

  • Walk through the door of Unknown.

  • Come in contact with your Innate Intelligence.

  • Elevate the emotions of Love, Gratitude and Joy in your heart.

  • Create a highly coherent brain and heart.

  • Tune into the Future potentials in the Unified Field.


Workshop Structure :

Part 1 : Old Self

Science of “change” using principles of neuroscience and quantum physics
Process : Finding out the qualities of Old Self (what thoughts and feelings dominate your life)
Guided Meditation : Opening Focus and Resting deeply in the Present Moment


Part 2: Entering the Unknown

Unknown as the unified field of all possibilities.
Process : Practical tools to cultivate love for unknown
Guided Meditation : Entering the door of unknown as no body, no time, no one.


Part 3: New Self

Combining Elevated Emotions with Clear Intention.
New Self , New Future and Falling in Love with it.
Process : Changing the State of Being .
Guided Meditation : Tuning into New Future Potentials.
Practical wisdom to integrate the new state of being into daily life.
Recommendations for Self Work and Practice.


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