Breath Mastery
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"I cannot find the Monastery of Heaped Fragrance,Miles up now into the clouds of the summit.There is no footpath through the ancient woods.Where did the bell sound, Deep in the sound, deep in the mountain?The voice of the torrent gulps over jagged stones;Sunlight hardly warms the bluish pines.As dusk deepens in these unfathomable mazes,I practice meditationTo subdue the dragon of desire."

- Wang Wei

Life Foundation  

A Six-Day Residential Training Program
‘Breath Mastery’
- An Intensive, Transformative and Life-Changing Retreat  

 In the words of the Sufi Master Hazrat Inayat Khan: "The Healing Power of Christ, the Magnetism of Mohammed, the Miraculous Power of Moses, the Charm of Krishna, and the Inspiration of the Buddha- - -all these were attained by Breath."

Breath is the key to Creating Health and Well-being.

Integrate the Healing Potential of Breath into your Practice.


  • The relationship to your Breath is your most vital relationship. From the first Breath you took to the last Breath you take, you are bound to the Life Force.
  • Breathing is a language. Like the expression on your face, or the tone of your voice, or your posture... the way that you breathe reflects and expresses what is happening inside of you.
  • In fact, the deepest aspects of your personality--your core issues in life--are revealed through how you breathe! The way you breathe is unique. Your breathing is like a fingerprint.
  • Breath Mastery leads to Spiritual Awakening. When you work with the Breath, you automatically develop Spiritual Skills.



This Training Program is a certified course designed to help you in the following ways:

  • It helps you to clear the energy blocks affecting your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.
  • It helps you in your quest for Inner Transformation and Spiritual Growth.
  • It imparts training in Breath Mastery, thereby enabling you to practice it on people who are in need of it.
  • If you already practice some form of holistic/alternative therapy, this training program helps you to integrate Breath Mastery into your existing field of healing.


Target Audience

This very intensive workshop on soul-journey and self-discovery is very useful for:


  • Become responsible for their well-being.
  • Find direction in their life.
  • Change their life's situation.
  • Free themselves from habitual restricting patterns.
  • Integrate their feelings, be at peace, and find emotional balance.
  • Resolve their problems.
  • Eliminate or change their belief systems.
  • Release being stuck and held-back in life.
  • Increase Abundance, Success and Creativity.
  • Who are looking for Inner Transformation and Spiritual Growth by dissolving past trauma and acquiring useful insights that would help them in manifesting their highest potential.
  • Who wish to receive intensive training in the Breath Mastery.


  • Who wish to empower themselves so that they are able to design each healing session to suit the specific needs of their clients and guide them towards total fulfilment at all levels.
  • Who are already practicing some form of holistic/alternative therapy and wish to integrate Breath Mastery into their existing field of healing.

Medical Doctors:

  • Who are interested in exploring and understanding the Body-Mind-Emotions-Spirit connection.
  • Who are aware of the limitations of conventional medical science, and wish to learn holistic systems of therapy that address.
  • Psychoanalysts, Psychologists, Counselors, Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatrists who wish to enhance their understanding in their respective fields of expertise.


Those who are tuned to the training program, having the openness and zeal to learn are most welcome to join  this Training Program.


  • 'Breath and The Body'
  • The Essential Anatomy, Physiology and Energetics of Breath.
  • Identifying the Frozen Energies locked up in the body and releasing them (these Frozen Energies are the cause of Body Tension).
  • 'The Language of Breath'
  • Breath control versus breath play... a Healthy Breath is a Flexible Breath.
  • How to regain open, Free Breath as the key to Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health.
  • 'The relationship of Breath with Emotions’
  • The heart/brain/breath connection is an access to deep energetic health.
  • Working with flight/fight/freeze breathing survival mechanism for personal development and awakening.
  • 'The Essence of Breath'
  • Energy Medicine and Conscious Breathing Technique.
  • ‘8 Biggies of Human Trauma’
  • Birth Trauma
  • Parental Disapproval Syndrome
  • Specific Negatives
  • The Unconscious Death-urge
  • Past Life Karma
  • School Trauma
  • Religion Trauma
  • Senility
  • Birth Trauma/Birthing Patterns
  • Breathing with Five Elements
  • Shamanic Breathing with Recapitulation
  • Affirmational Breathing
  • Dry Breathing/Wet Breathing
  • Prana/Subtle Breathing
  • Breath as a Hologram/Energy Signatures of Breath
  • Integration of Breath with Sounds/Visions
  • Integration of Breath with Past-Lives



All topics will be dealt with in detail through lectures combined with demonstrations, hands-on practice sessions, and interactive sessions. All techniques will be practically demonstrated by Dr. Newton on randomly selected participants who volunteer. After each demonstration, participants are divided into groups, and each participant will be given a hands-on session by the other group mates. A wide range of audio-video multimedia presentations on related topics would also be presented during this training program to give participants the best possible information and enrich their overall experience.

This is a Fund Raising Initiative for Life Foundation

The proceeds from this training program will go to Life Foundation for the 2nd Phase Manifestation of Life Foundation. Life Foundation is a registered trust that has been created for the purpose of bringing Life Foundation into physical manifestation. Dr. Newton Kondaveti is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Life Foundation.

Limited seats are available. Therefore, please confirm your participation as early as possible. Participants will be provided course material, boarding, and accommodation on twin-sharing basis.

 Workshop Schedule 

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