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"All philosophies are mental fabrications. There has never been a single doctrine by which one could enter the true essence of things."

- Nagarjuna


  • There is a portion of your  far deeper identity, who forms both the inner ego and  the outer ego - who decided that you would be a physical being in this place and in this time.              
  • The Inner Science opens your  range of perception, and allows you to interpret  experience in a far freer manner.              
  • Be reckless in the expression  of the ideal, and it will never betray you.              
  • We don't feel the need to conceal emotions; we know it is basically impossible and undesirable.


  • We build up energy for a new astral   body from what we are doing on what is at that moment our  'Earth' or the world of physical existence.         
  • Earth is just a training school,  and if we don't make a good job of it now - well, we keep on  coming back, until we have more sense.         
  • When you die, i.e., when your physical body is finished with this Earth and your astral entity goes on to the astral world, it has to stand alone and answer for successes and failure.



  • We can have excuses or we can have health, love, longevity, understanding, adventure, money,  and happiness. We design our lives through the power of our choices.          
  • You teach best what you most need to learn.          
  • There is no such thing as a 'problem' without a gift for you in its hands. You seek problems because you need their gifts.



  • Meditation is an adventure, the greatest adventure the human mind can undertake.          
  • Science gives better houses, better cars, better technologies, better standards of living, but it cannot give us a significant life. It cannot give meaning to us. It cannot give us ecstasy.          
  • Whenever you start thinking of the future and the past too much, just relax, and pay attention to breathing. Everyday, at least for an hour, just sit in a chair, relaxed, making yourself collected, and close your eyes. Just start looking at the breathing. Don't change it, just look, watch; by watching it, it will become slower and slower.



  • Reading about metaphysical subjects   is necessary. Books are undeniably a swift short cut to Enlightenment.          
  • Every physical illness, without a  single exception, is the result of the initial cause of certain mental and emotional attitudes.          
  • What you eat and what you think is  what you are. Fruit is the food most beneficial to your body's well being. The ultimate goal is to become a Fruitarian, eventually, part-time Breatharian.          
  • The first rule is to find what kind of work will allow you to labor with love.          
  • Every physical illness, without a single exception, is the result of the initial cause of certain mental and emotional attitudes.         
  • Physical immortality is natural and physical death is unnatural. As long as you can continue to strengthen your life urges, and ignore your programmed death urges, you will go on living.         
  • You die because you believe you must. Your mind and soul have submitted to it. Overself (the You of -you) knows better.         
  • Money must never change hands between esoteric teacher and student.          
  • All great truths are simple

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