Spiritual Philosophy
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"A person can use his mind when working on matter; then logic is a great instrument. And the same person can put aside the mind when he moves into his meditation chamber and moves into the no-mind. Because mind is not you -- it is just an instrument just like my hand, just like my legs."

- Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

The New Age Spiritual Philosophy can be briefly summited as follows:
God: Man is God, as all else is.

Speck of E.C.K.: Man is an eternal speck of Energy, Consciousness and Knowledge, as all else is.

Potentiality: Man's potentialities are infinite, as everything else's is.
Cosmos: There are infinite universes. The present, visible, physical universe is only one among them. The infinity of universes is called as 'Cosmos'.

Enlightenment: Enlightenment is understanding that you are a god amidst an infinity of gods. Enlightenment is understanding you yourself as the Ultimate Reality. Enlightenment is understanding that you alone create your own reality. Other gods create their own realities.

Law of Karma: Man is responsible for his/her own actions. He /she reaps what he/she sows. The 'other' never comes into the picture. Only efforts give rise to effects. No-efforts mean no-results.

Cycle of Incarnations: Man has several lives to live in the Earth School so that he/she may finally graduate out and reach the status of Over-Self and thereby complete the cycle of incarnations.

Simultaneous Life-Times: All 'past', 'present' and 'future' incarnations are simultaneously happening. Realizing this, a person breaks out of the illusionary 'time' concept.

Purpose of Life: Man, as anything else, is aglow with two expectations -
1) to enjoy and
2) to know. Therefore, the purpose of life is -
i)To enjoy himself/herself and to enjoy the world/s at large, more and more.
ii)To know himself/herself and to know the world/s at large, more and more.

Friendship: The joy of life is friendship! And, friendship is a feeling of tenderness towards all beings of the Cosmos.

Good and Bad: Happiness is always obtained through 'Knowledgeable' and 'positive' actions. Unhappiness always results through 'ignorance' and 'negative' actions. There is nothing like 'good' or 'bad'!

Meditation: Progress is obtained only through Meditation. Meditation, per se, is activating and perfecting the Inner Senses, called together as "Third Eye". Meditation is developing what is termed as ESP.

Inner Chatter: Inner Chatter is the ceaseless mental activity, which becomes evident while the eyes and mouth are shut. For meditation to happen, first, the continuously existing inner chatter must cease. A no-though state must be reached.

Ana-Pana-Sati: The technique to go into meditative state is practicing Ana-Pana-Sati i.e., being mindful of inhalation and exhalation, to the total exclusion of all thoughts.

Problems: 'Problems' and situations in any given lifetime are self-picked before each embodiment. Thus, they only represent challenges to stimulate personality growth; they are not mechanical 'punishments' or 'rewards' automatically arising out of previous 'sins' or 'good works'.

Event Formation: No event is totally predetermined or totally accidental. Only important events are 'Pre-planned' before each embodiment. Events are formed solely by the power of Free Will at each given moment in the present. Nothing is by chance; everything is by choice.

Dreaming:'Sleep' or 'Dream' state is as much an active and personality-forming state as the normal 'wakeful' state.
Dreams are awakeners of the mind to the past, the future to come, or the present to be enjoyed. Conscious dreaming, and better still, coming awake in the dream-scenario in the midst of dreaming, is foremost among New-Age spiritual practices.

Vegetarianism: Vegetarianism, culminating in being a Fruitarian, is the cardinal New Age Spiritual Philosophy. Mankind is charged with responsibility towards the physical welfare and psychic development of its brethren, the Animal Kingdom.

Healing: All healing must be through 'natural healing' and through the exercise of 'intent' – and as a result of learning practical lessons.

Swadhyaya: 'Swadhyaya' or reading the books written by Enlightened Masters and Third-Eye Yogis is a must. This is not optional, but mandatory.

Exchange of Experiences: Meditators and Enlightened persons should exchange their meditational experiences and wisdom. This is not optional, but mandatory.

Axis Change: The urgent spiritual task now is to prepare the mankind for the impending Axis change that is to catapult Earth into the New Age.

Over-Self: All physical beings are part-expressions of tremendous and gigantic transphysical personality gestalts.
Thus, men and women are Aspect-Selves of their own Source-Selves. Each Source-Self lives through its Aspect Selves which exist in many dimensions of realities simultaneously. The Source-Self progressed through the trials and tribulations of its Aspect-Selves. This source-self is also called as Higher-self, Over-Self, 'Poorna-Atma' etc.

Physical Immortality: Physical old age and physical death are not 'inevitable' and they are actually unnatural phenomena. They arise only out of ignorant thinking and ignorant activities. Physical immortality means ability to prolong physical living as long as we wish to. We should be able to transform the 'matter-body' into an 'energy-body'!

Ultimate Reality: Matter is the Crystallization of Energy. Energy is the Creation of thought. Thought is the Function of Consciousness. And, Consciousness is the Ultimate Reality.

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