Creative Visualization
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“Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.” -Buddha

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A Unique One-Day Workshop
“ Creative Visualization ”
Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create Your Dream Life

Imagination is more important than knowledge
— Albert Einstein


Creative visualization is the process of using your imagination to create what you want in life. Many of us use the power of creative visualization in a relatively unconscious way. This mini-workshop is about learning how to use your natural creative imagination in a more and more conscious way, as a process to create what you truly want such as prosperity, love, fulfilment, health, peace and harmony. Every moment of our life is infinitely creative, and the universe is endlessly bountiful. Just put forth a clear request and then everything your heart truly desires comes to you.

Esther Hicks said, “Seventeen seconds of focused, pleasurable visualization is stronger than 2000 hours of work to obtain a goal.” In creative visualization you consciously use your imagination to create a clear image, idea, or feeling of something you wish to manifest in your life and then you continue to focus on that idea, feeling, or picture regularly, giving it positive energy until it becomes a physical reality. Creative visualization is magic in the truest and highest meaning of the word. It involves understanding and aligning yourself with the natural principles that govern the workings of our universe and learning to use these principles in the most conscious and creative way.

The ultimate point of creative visualization is to make every moment of our lives a moment of wonderful creation, in which we are most naturally choosing the best, the most beautiful, the most fulfilling life we can ever imagine.

In this ‘Creative Visualization’ workshop you will learn many techniques of imagination to manifest your deepest desires. This knowledge will enable you to get in touch with your deeper self to create a life you aspire to live. The creative process of manifestation in life will make you experience fulfilment in every aspect of your life.


Who can attend this workshop?

Those who would like to:

  • Develop the abilities like heightened creativity, to refine your imagination and inspiration to receive insights
  • To overcome unconscious limitations and difficulties which stop your progress
  • Learn special visualization techniques to attract money, health and success
  • Know the powerful practical techniques for activating your right brain
  • Learn the process of creating whatever you want


This workshop on ‘Creative Visualization’ is designed to help you to:

  • Learn many Visualization Exercises
  • Create Affirmations for Health, Happiness, Success and Wisdom
  • Connect to Your Higher Self
  • Clearing Process to Remove Negative Energy Blocks and Activate the Energy Centers
  • Awaken Your Creativity
  • Guided Processes to Create Prosperity
  • Create the Vision Board for a Better Future



  • Exercises of Creative Visualization
  • Practical Process-1: To Connect to your Higher Self
  • Practical Process-2: Opening your energy centers
  • Creating Treasure Maps
  • Practical Process-3: Activation of your Self-Healing Power
  • Discovering your Purpose
  • Importance of Creative Visualization in daily life
  • Practical Process-4: Prosperity Meditation
  • Theme Meditation: Creative Visualization
  • Daily Practices and Action Plan
  • Recommended Reading


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