Developing Your Intuition
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"As soon as I realized that I didn't need meat to survive or to be in good health, I began to see how forlorn it all is. If only we had a different mentality about the drama of the cowboy and the range and all the rest of it. It's a very romantic notion, an entrenched part of American culture, but I've seen, for example, pigs waiting to be slaughtered, and their hysteria and panic was something I shall never forget."

- Cloris Leachman

Life Foundation

A Special One-Day Workshop
“ Developing Your Intuition ”
Tapping Into Your Inner Wisdom for Practical Guidance

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.
— Steve Jobs


Why to invest your time and energy into the process of developing your Intuition?

The answer is very simple, because it's probably one of the most valuable things you will ever do for yourself. It takes very little time to develop, and the potential rewards are enormous.

Paramahansa Yogananda says, “Intuition is the discriminate faculty that enables you to decide which of two lines of reasoning is right. Perfect intuition makes you master of all.” Intuition is an important resource that can greatly contribute to our success and fulfilment in life. Intuition is a natural part of us, in fact it's our birth right but many of us have lost touch with it. Once we know how to listen to it and follow it, our intuition can become a very accurate guiding force in all aspects of life. Without Intuition, we are at a great disadvantage. Most of us have lost touch with our intuitive senses. Fortunately, with a few exercises and with little practice, it is not difficult to reclaim our intuition.

Intuition always shows us the best route to where we need to go. Following it can save us a lot of confusion and hassle. The more you follow your intuition, the better you live your life and the more good things start falling into place. Intuition connects us to the soul level of our existence. It brings to us the spiritual connection in our daily life.

In this mini-workshop you will learn how to pay attention to your inner voice by becoming more attentive and you will learn the role of intuition in health, creativity, work, personal and professional prosperity.


Who can attend this workshop?

Those who would like to:

  • Increase intuitive skills
  • Find answers to Life’s questions using intuition
  • Know the purpose of life
  • Let go of the worries and craft a beautiful life
  • To get clarity in life
  • Connect to the higher power
  • Activate intuition and allow it to become a guiding force


This workshop on ‘Developing Your Intuition’ is designed to help you to:

  • Learn many practical tools to develop your intuition
  • Build Self Trust and Self Confidence
  • Meeting the Inner Guide
  • Distinguish between Intuition and other voices
  • Improve Your decision-making skills
  • Guide you to attain new levels of self-awareness and self-mastery
  • Tapping into your storehouse of knowledge and wisdom



  • The gift of Intuition
  • Practical benefits of developing your intuition in daily life
  • Nurturing intuition
  • Learn to differentiate between your intuition and instinct
  • Practical Exercise-1: Calm down your many voices and re-discover your intuitive voice
  • Practical Exercise-2: Trusting Your Intuition
  • The role of silence in developing intuition
  • Practical Exercise-3: Practicing the power of silence to access intuition
  • Practical Exercise-4: Meeting the Inner Guide
  • Dealing with our life’s challenges with the help of our intuition
  • Practical Exercise-5: Body Speaks process to create health
  • Theme Meditation: Developing Your Intuition
  • Guided process to know your vision and purpose
  • Daily Practices and Action Plan
  • Recommended Reading


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