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"It is in the best interest of a man to become a Karma-Yogi and work to the best of his abilities and without bothering about the results."

- Sam Veda


- Anuradha Ramesh, Seth Speaker, Hyderabad

My association with Dr. Newton goes back to about three years ago.

I was a Mathematics Teacher at that time and also a Reiki channel. I was accustomed to channeling energy for healing close friends and family. On one such occasion, during the process of healing one of my friends, I suddenly saw one of her ‘past’ lives play before my eyes giving me an insight into the root cause of the problem she was facing in her current life. When I channeled Reiki energy with this new understanding her current life issue was resolved very harmoniously.

I had a similar experience once again when I was channeling energy for one of my close relatives. These were spontaneous experiences and roused my curiosity in the subject. Although I was vaguely familiar with the concept of reincarnation I had no clue on how it works or how to use it on a practical level. I was quite amazed by the effectiveness in healing, that these insights afforded me. That was when I heard for the first time about Dr. Newton and the workshops that he conducts on Past-Life Regression. I signed up for his Basic Workshop on Past-Life Regression and Spiritual Science.

Dr. Newton’s Basic workshop is wonderfully crafted to cover a whole range of concepts rooted in a practical approach to spirituality of which, past life regression is a part. During the course of his basic workshop he educates us on his understanding of spirituality and its role in our dayto- day life, which is the only way that it should ever be addressed. Personally, at the completion of the two days I spent in his class, I came out a new person. I gained inconceivable knowledge about myself and my own past lives some of which were directly connected to certain situations in my current life.

I came back with so much to reflect upon; what I learnt in the workshop subtly changed the entire course of my thought pattern. Without consciously attempting to do so, I began to look at life differently especially in terms of my own contribution and purpose in “this” lifetime. Most of my earlier concerns and pre-occupations now seemed trivial and literally dropped off by the way side.

This led me to attend Dr. Newton’s Advance workshop in Self-Mastery, which was an equally enriching experience. Since that first time I have attended both his Basic and Advance workshop many times over and subsequently went on to complete my Training Program under him.

Dr. Newton’s workshops have this unique quality of never being repetitive. He constantly updates the knowledge that he imparts, sharing with his students his most recent perspectives and learning in the field of Past-Life Regression and Spiritual Science. As he travels widely all over the world and is himself constantly engaged in an endeavor to learn, experiment with and expand his knowledge base, his students are familiar with and are trained in the widest range of techniques not only in Regression but in self development as well. I daresay that his Regression Training Program is the most comprehensive in the whole world today.

Dr. Newton the person is a school by himself. He is one of the finest Spiritual Masters of our times. I am not alone when I say that as his student, we get to learn as much by merely observing him as we learn in his classes. He is a personification of each and every virtue that he expounds in his classes – an epitome of unconditional love, acceptance without censure or judgment, child-like openness, complete awareness in the present. The smile on his face is indelible; the constant sense of joy that exudes from his heart is unmistakable. He serves as the greatest motivation to each one of his students to attempt to be somewhat close to the kind of human being that he himself is.

At this juncture it is inevitable that I mention that the driving force behind him and his success is his petite, charming wife Dr. Lakshmi. She has the unique ability of making herself almost invisible and graciously directing all the attention and accolade towards her husband while in fact she matches her husband step for step in every sphere. Those rare classes that Dr. Lakshmi decides to take are a treat to the students.

Personally, I consider Dr. Newton to be the single largest factor in the transformation that has come about in my life. He has been a source of constant encouragement and support in my process of discovering myself and my purpose in life. He shared with me, without reservation, all the resources available to him in order to help me in my spiritual growth – one of them being his books!

From amongst the many great masters whose works I had the good fortune to read, the one who stayed on and became the focus of my life has been ‘Seth.’ Seth is an energy personality essence who was channeled by Jane Roberts and Robert Butts, an American couple. Seth has given to this world some of the most amazing truths about our existence, about our very being. Together they have produced close to thirty books. I was completely taken up by this entire volume of work and found myself resonating with every piece of information contained in them.

Had it not been for Dr. Newton, I would probably have enjoyed the wisdom and truths uncovered in these books in the privacy of my own life. However, he impressed upon me the need to share – the value addition that it would make to my own spiritual growth. Today, I have given up my job as a teacher of Mathematics. The insights I have gained from Seth combined with the training and guidance that I received from Dr. Newton, my incarnate spiritual guide, has defined a new path in my life. I now have my own centre through which I offer Past-Life Regression and also teach spiritual science through workshops based on my understanding of Seth’s works.

I always knew that the biggest contributing factor that makes a difference between a life filled with love, peace and joy and a life of burden lies in our success in finding the right teacher; someone to guide us and help us navigate through the challenging areas. I consider myself as one of those fortunate ones who has succeeded!

Thank you
Dr. Newton.

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