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"He doth entreat your grace, my noble lord, To visit him to-morrow or next day: He is within, with two right reverend fathers, Divinely bent to meditation, And in no worldly suits would he be moved To draw him from his holy exercise."

- William Shakespeare

A practitioner of Hypnotherapy and Reiki tells us about the healing, transformation and liberation experienced through Past Life Regression

I was suffering with shooting pain in my last three vertebrae since 2007. There was swelling in that part too. The three different doctors that I consulted told me that - "there is no cure for this problem.

Trust had always been my issue way back in 2007, when Dr. Newton entrusted me to organize a drama / play on his birthday celebration I could not grasp that it was his total trust in whatever he felt or saw in me resulted in that.

When I first saw the mail about Inner-Child Work, my thoughts were, "Its not for me. Its for the people who had a very deprived, disturbed or abusive childhood. I’ve had a perfect childhood – My parents love me very much, all my teachers till now adore me as I was always a model student, and I’ve always been provided with what I want. It was a perfect childhood except for a few family issues, but hey, every family goes through something like that. Its not a big deal, right? So, I don’t know if I should go for this. I definitely am curious about it but, lets see."

“After all these experiences I realized our breath knows more about our requirements. We may be consciously working on problems that we see and feel, but the breath goes to a deeper level.”

“Past Life Regression has allowed me to heal my core issues by letting go all the past life related trauma that were causing my core issues in the first place.”

I would like to tell you about my journey towards knowingness and a remarkable experience with Dr. Newton during his residential Training Program on Past Life Regression.

I was inspired to attend the workshop on Past Life Regression after reading Dr. Brian Weiss' book, 'Many Lives, Many Masters'. And when the thought of attending a workshop occurred to me, my 'subconscious' mind instantly popped out the name of Dr. Newton, whose article I had read around 5 years ago in Sunday Times.

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