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"Through your love for each other, through learning the art of making one person happy,
you learn to express your love for the whole of humanity and all beings.
Please help us develop the curriculum for the Institute for the Happiness of One Person.
Don't wait until we open the school.
You can begin practicing right away."

- Thich Nhat Hanh

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Dr. Newton Kondaveti, M.D. and Chitra Jha

Life is meant to be a joy forever. Unless we understand ourselves in our totality, in our own fundamental truth, how can there be joy in our lives? Without Meditation, there is no joy in life.

Meditation is the art of bringing delight into life. Delight comes from Light. Light comes only from Meditation. Meditation gives Success, Efficiency, Fulfillment, Vigor, Peace, Harmony, Love and Joy in life. Where there is no Meditation there is no Light. Where there is no Light, there is Sorrow, Misery, Tragedy, Pain, Suffering, Dissatisfaction, Disharmony and Incompetence in life.

Meditation is the Alpha and the Omega of Spiritual Science. We are energy beings. Meditation is the Science of Energy Maximization.

‘The Art & Science of Meditation’ is the first book in the 'Awakening Wisdom series’ of 21 Books from Life Foundation.

‘The Art & Science of Meditation’ tells you all you need to know about Meditation and enables you to transform your life.

Endorsement for 'The Art & Science of Meditation'

"Man = Body + Mind/Soul.

The physical body is a desire of the soul; and once the body has been built, the soul occupies the physical body. From that moment, the embodied soul functions as the ‘mind’.

"In a state of deep Meditation, we come out of the physical body and we regain our knowledge about ourselves as a SOUL.

"A SOUL is an eternal verity that chooses to dip into the physical-ness a number of times, to have varied experiences.

"Dr. Newton Kondaveti, even as a medical student studying for his M.B.B.S. at Kurnool Medical College in the early 1990’s, adventured into the study of Spiritual Science. He is now an internationally known Master, who has inspired and helped thousands and thousands of others to become like him. I wish to convey my regards to Dr. Newton and the legions of Masters of Meditation trained by him.

"Dr. Newton Kondaveti and Chitra Jha have written a most exhaustive text on the ‘Art & Science of Meditation’. I feel great appreciation to them for their wonderful work. Every person who wants to practice Meditation should read this magnificent masterpiece."

- Brahmarshi Patriji

Founder, Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement


Author of Be A Master and

Over 60 books on Meditation and Spiritual Science


Rs. 350 (Rupees Three Hundred and Fifty Only)



Dr. Newton Kondaveti, M.D. and Dr. Lakshmi, M.B.B.S.

Reincarnation is one of the greatest mysteries in the universe. The validity of reincarnation has been widely accepted in most cultures, religions and spiritual traditions of the world since ancient times. The technique of Past-Life-Regression was originally born out of scientific explorations to unearth the mysteries of reincarnation. Since then it has evolved from a technique to a complete science and today there exist many fields of specializing within the science of Past-Life Regression. In this book, Dr.Newton Kondaveti, one of the world’s leading experts on Reincarnation and Past-Life-Regression, takes you on an amazing journey to explore the dimensions of reality that form the basis of not only reincarnation, but also the origin and creation of the universe itself. Delving deep into the wealth of his own metaphysical experiences as well as the experiences of thousands of his clients, he brings to light the importance of Past Life Regression and shows that it is a powerful tool that can transform the world.

Endorsements for 'The Science of Past Life Regression'

"Unless we understand our past, we cannot understand our present. And unless we understand our present we cannot build a beautiful future. In a most scientific manner, Dr. Newton's book shows us why Past Life Regression is such an amazing tool that helps us to understand the past and present, thereby enabling us to create a wonderful future and take quantum leaps in our Souls' Evolution."

- Brahmarshi Patriji

Founder of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement, and Author of Be A Master and over 60 other books on Spiritual Science


“Dr. Newton’s book is a very balanced presentation that makes it easier for us to heal our past. For most of us our unconscious mind – our memories – are a mystery. Past Life Regression is an important dimension of all forms of self-improvement along with psychotherapy, rebirthing-breathwork, bodywork and other forms of healing.

- Leonard Orr

Founder, Rebirthing-Breathwork and Author of Rebirthing In The New Age


“The strength of this book is that it combines metaphysics with good and practical illustrations. A good introduction for all people who may be interested in regression as a path for healing and development; a path exploring the realms of experience that lie before our first conscious memories as a small child. As to the writer: once an acharya, always an acharya.”

- Hans TenDam

Author of Exploring Reincarnation and Deep Healing


"The Science of Past Regression should be required reading for everyone. Understanding the principles in the book is a map of understanding for our time on earth. I have read many books on the subject and Dr. Newton Kondaveti presents this subject with clarity, simplicity, understanding, and a depth that makes it stand out. Thank you Dr. Newton!"

- Erik Berglund

International Recording Artist, Healer and Harpist


"A delightful book bringing together all aspects of reincarnation and past lives and their power to heal. I strongly recommend it"

- Andy Tomlinson

Author of Healing the Eternal Soul and Exploring the Eternal Soul


“This brilliant book is a classic exploration of Reincarnation and Past Life Regression - a perfect blend of scientific objectivity and spiritual insights.”

- Anodea Judith

Author of Wheels of Life and creator of the award winning video Illuminated Chakras


About the Authors:

Dr. Newton Kondaveti, M.D., is a Medical Doctor, Self-Realized Master, Spiritual Scientist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Healer, and Teacher, all rolled into one. He investigates ESP phenomena and practices what can be best described as ‘Healing and Transformation Through Understanding and Self Empowerment’. He is a pioneer in the field of Past Life Regression and travels all over the world teaching meditation, conducting self-discovery and self-empowerment workshops, training past life regression therapists and spreading the message of vegetarianism.

He has played a vital role as the Organizing Chairman of the Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists - a unique platform for New Age Spiritual Scientists from all over the world.

He is the Founder President of the Association For Regression And Reincarnation Research (ARRR), which works to increase awareness about Past Life Regression and it benefits. ARRR organized the first ever Past Life Regression Convention in India to increase awareness about Past Life Regression and establish it as the one of the most powerful of holistic therapies.Through his relentless dedication and untiring work in the field of Past Life Regression Therapy, Dr. Newton has assisted thousands of people in healing their Past and transforming their present by understanding their karmic patterns. With immense wisdom and compassion, he guides people to overcome illness, fears & phobias, relationship issues, low self-worth, negative patterns, and thus live a healthy, wealthy and joyful life.

Dr. Newton founded the Life Foundation, a Global Center for learning Spiritual Science, modeled on the lines of the “Takshashila University” and “Nalanda University”. The sole purpose of Life Foundation is to ‘Awaken Wisdom Within’ and be a beacon of light to humanity ushering in a new way of living based on awakening Innate Wisdom, Compassion, Peace and Joy. He believes that masters should create more masters, not followers. He has trained thousands of people to become Healers and Masters.

Dr. Lakshmi G.V., M.B.B.S., is a medical doctor specialized in Past Life Regression, Inner Child Work, Rebirthing Breathwork and other forms of alternative healing and therapy. Her spiritual journey began at a very early age when she read the book ‘Bliss Divine’ by Swami Sivananda. Her life underwent a transformation when she met Dr. Newton in 1987 at the Kurnool Medical College where they were studying for their M.B.B.S. She shared his interest in Meditation, Past Life Regression and alternative healing, and has been his companion in this field since then. She travels all over the world with Dr. Newton and is a Co-presenter in his workshops and training programs and has co-authored the book with him.

She has been a Vegetarian by choice since the tender age of 2 and has been passionately spreading the message of Love, Compassion and Companionship with Animals through the website and magazine ‘Angels on the Earth’. She is the Co-Founder of Life Research Academy, Vice President of the Association for Regression and Reincarnation Research (ARRR) and Founder of ‘Angels of Earth’ magazine. She works relentlessly to increase awareness about the need for kinship with the Animal Kingdom and Plant Kingdom.

Rs. 300 (Rupees Three Hundred Only)



Dr. Newton Kondaveti, M.D.

Consciousness Heals takes us on a voyage to the very beginning, where consciousness is the fundamental source of all creation. It then goes on to trace the origins of illness, and shows us that:

· Our Consciousness is expressed through Body, Mind, and Soul.

· When Body, Mind and Soul are fully aligned, we are plugged in to an immense source of power with limitless potential. This is our natural state, a state of ‘ease’, which leads to perfect health.

· When Body, Mind, and Soul are not fully aligned, we have only limited access to our power and potential. This is a state of 'dis-ease', which leads to illness.

Consciousness Heals is a result of Dr. Newton’s profound metaphysical experiences and visions that led him to discover that memories, impressions, feelings, beliefs and frozen energies are stored in the body as 'cellular memory', which determines our state of health.

Consciousness Heals gives us powerful insights and practical tools that help us to unlock and release the frozen energies that are responsible for illness, thereby enabling us to regain the state of perfect health - in Body, Mind and Soul.

Consciousness Heals is born from the sincere desire to restore the state of perfect health.

Consciousness Heals connects us to the tremendous healing potential of our own consciousness.

Endorsements for 'Consciousness Heals'

“Consciousness Heals is a wonderful work of Spiritual Science. The first universal truth that we come to know from this book is that we are not physical bodies – we are pure consciousness. The second is that we create our own reality – we create our own wellness and we create our own illness. However, most of humanity is yet to know these truths. In Consciousness Heals, Dr. Newton presents these universal truths with amazing clarity in a manner that is very easy to understand. The practical exercises and meditations further lead to profound insights that can be applied in our daily lives.”

- Brahmarshi Patriji

Founder of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement, and Author of Be A Master and over 60 other books on Spiritual Science


"Dr. Newton's Consciousness Heals is a profoundly inspiring book that traces the origin of our consciousness, its connection to the source of all creation and how it is expressed through the body, mind and emotions. He explains how the body communicates with us, how illness is an indicator of deep-rooted inner conflicts, and how our limiting beliefs perpetuate illness by causing resistance to healing. The book gives us simple yet powerful tools to unlock the healing potential that exists within everyone."

- Susan G. Shumsky

Award-winning Author of How to Hear the Voice of God and seven other books.


“In Consciousness Heals Dr Newton elegantly highlights the link between our external world of conditioning and beliefs and our internal emotional experiences and physical illnesses, providing us with meditations and everyday tools to rediscover our true essence our own infinite, boundless potential.”

- Brandon Bays

Internationally Best-selling Author of The Journey


“Through Consciousness Heals, Dr. Newton Kondaveti offers us all a key to lightness of being---our natural state of harmony and wellbeing. We feel graced by this gift of inspired insight in restoring Peace, Love and Joy as the core vibrational frequency in our lives and the lives of others, for the greater good of all and our precious Mother Earth. Wholeheartedly we commend this treasure full of practical tools to those who see that our healing force starts within and radiates out.”

In Love and Unity,

Winny & Kees van de Velden,

Seraphim Foundation

About the Author:

Dr. Newton Kondaveti is a Medical Doctor who graduated from Kurnool Medical College, Andhra Pradesh, India in 1992. He completed his post-graduation from Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad, India. Dr. Newton set aside the conventional practice of medicine in preference for specializing in Past Life Regression Therapy and Holistic Therapy. He is also a teacher of Metaphysics and a Spiritual scientist. He travels extensively all over the globe, conducting workshops and seminars in this field along with his Spiritual Companion, Dr. Lakshmi, who like him is a medical doctor by qualification. Through his relentless dedication and untiring work in the field of Past Life Regression Therapy, Dr. Newton has assisted thousands of people in accessing their past lives and attaining self-mastery.


Rs. 200 (Rupees Two Hundred only) 


This is the Telugu version of the book “The Science of Past-Life-Regression”

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